Stories from the Unknown/Battling Against the Sounds of Curiosity

For all we know, there is still so much information that we do not know.

From the deepest depths of the oceans to the missing links of evolution, the stories of the unknown are interesting, curiosity driven topics that fascinate the masses.

NMNH Mini Aquarium.jpg

The National Museum of Natural History explores both of these topics by mixing incredible facts, anomalous finds, and educated leaps to explore these massive concepts.  Almost to the point of inundation with knowledge, the facts, theories, and hypotheses are in constant competition with the sensory overload of not only every sense that accompanies upwards of 50,000 visitors daily, but also of the colors, lights, content, and mixed modes of media utilized to share the stories of natural history.

As Senior Scientist and Curator Hans Sues shared at the start of our tour, and mentioned many times throughout, there are a lot of objects and stories that spill into the narrative of natural history.  Although, he mentioned the shift away from the Wunderkammer, there is still an innate atmosphere of a myriad of important objects on display, and in every way deserving of being displayed, which the National Museum of Natural History exudes, and maybe should not ever shy away from simply due to the sheer volume of topics and objects the museum covers.

Even if today was a battle of the senses, it gives way to the inherent curiosity of humankind museums strive to satiate, and at the National Museum of Natural History, there are enough curiosities to keep a visitor satisfied for a lifetime.