Fresh Air & Facts

Mt. Vernon Potomac RiverSitting amidst history, letting time pass by. This was my memorable moment of the day.

Reflecting upon the grandeur of a location, and my part within this space and time.  Knowing that where I sat is because of the storied history that stemmed from this Virginia plantation.

Having a carefully and calculated vista to gaze upon and be lost within as my own respite away from the lines, the emotions, and the feigned and unfeigned interests, my thoughts drifted towards the power of a public space.

With the reflective nature of a curated scene, I left behind the facts of the past and looked at the present, the present that lasted until 3:00pm.

At 3:00pm, the present was transformed to the past, a past steeped in facts and emotions.

Mr. Sheels brought us into the life of 1798, greeting us as General George Washington’s guests.  After introducing himself, the man came to life, sharing personal feelings and thoughts, weaving in query based narratives that fed seamlessly into a story that continues to be summarized as “it’s complicated.”

The power of a performance and perfection of a view glaze over the complications, making the story seem less complex and troubling, but at its core, controversy is complicated.  Creating a story without apology, without anger is complicated.  That is, except for Christopher Sheels who does it with fact, dignity, and grace.