How tall are you?

Today, I found out just how tall people are.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture is an immersive exploration into American history, culture, and art, covering huge topics from slavery to civil rights and jazz to rock n’ roll. What each story artfully breaks down to is people, and, more importantly, specific people and groups that are representative of a larger story, an American story.


Photograph of James Brown, Civil War veteran, with a picture of Abraham Lincoln

In the end, these people were just people who actively, forcefully, or passively took and take part in this narrative.

These people were and are people with the same skills as other people.

They create art just like other people.

They create communities and identities like other people.

And, no matter what his or her stature in the public eye, or even within the context of history, they wear clothes just like you.

TJ Statue

The Paradox of Liberty Exhibit

Some might wear a small jacket, some might wear a large jacket, but, ultimately, we all wear jackets at some point in time.

Today, I learned just how tall some people are.  And, it made me realize more than ever that they were just people too.

Miles Davis – 5’7″
Michael Jackson – 5’9″
Thomas Jefferson – 6’2″
Abraham Lincoln – 6’4″
Gabby Douglas – 4’11”
Oprah Winfrey – 5’7″
Me – 5’10”

Photograph of James Brown, Civil War Veteran, with a picture of Abraham Lincoln –

Green coat worn by Oprah Winfrey as Sofia in The Color Purple –

Jacket worn by Michael Jackson –

Leotard worn by Gabby Douglas during her first competitive season –

Jacket made by Joe Emsley and worn by Miles Davis –