Katy Perry, Albert Einstein, and Gertrude Stein Walk into a bar…

We travel upon a narrative thread that weaves its way through objects, through places and entangles itself among other threads along the way. Frayed ends make us think about what could be that never was. Knots represent a joining with another thread creating two threads that travel in unison for a time.  And, eventually we reach the end of our thread and get cut.

But, ultimately, that thread is always there. It is still tied to other threads, although, time may make the knots looser and frayed, the thread is still there. There may be objects and places holding our threads together, never letting go, continually adding threads to its collection, and leaving our connections to be uncovered.

But that thread is still there.

As museum professionals, we trace those threads, pulling them closer to our own, and doing our best to wrap them around the threads of everyone else.

We utilize those threads, creating nets that capture our audiences, then launches them towards exploring new threads they never knew existed.

This is the power we have as story tellers, as captivators, and purveyors of the objects, places, times, thoughts, dreams, and feelings that exist through history.

Katy Perry, Albert Einstein, and Gertrude Stein may never have actually walked into a bar, but today their threads crossed.

Katy Perry – http://npg.si.edu/object/npg_C_NPG.2015.135?destination=portraits/search%3Fedan_fq%5B1%5D%3Dp.edanmdm.descriptivenonrepeating.unit_code%253A%2522NPG%2522%26edan_q%3Dkaty%2520perry%26edan_local%3D1%26op%3DSearch

Albert Einstein – http://npg.si.edu/blog/portrait-albert-einstein-max-westfield

Gertrude Stein – http://npg.si.edu/object/npg_NPG.78.196?destination=portraits/search%3Fedan_fq%5B1%5D%3Dp.edanmdm.descriptivenonrepeating.unit_code%253A%2522NPG%2522%26edan_q%3Dgertrude%2520stein%26edan_local%3D1%26op%3DSearch