It’s the gray area where stories lie in today

Nuances do not exist until individuals are both ready to acknowledge them, and contemporary information transitions into primary material.

There is a process for talking about complicated information, and that process takes time. In my first blog post that was not a video of me, I discussed the idea of time. I discussed the relative path that we, as conscious beings, attribute to our lives, although it is an abstract construct with no definitive relationship to reality.

Controversy and nuance live within that construct of time. They are topics, which are attributed to the “gray area,” an abstraction on the scale of two finite ends. They are concepts, topics, which coexist with society. Topics that resonate differently at different times due to mainstream awareness of the ideas and the acknowledgement and reactions that follow.

Slavery has existed since the determination of power, on a scale with the ends of dominance and subservience. Slavery, within the realm of the United States does not share that lengthy existence.  Slavery within the United States is only twice removed in relation to lineage.  There are still remnants of the experiences that took place. Time has allowed it, however, to be acknowledged and personified.  A desire to psychologically understand, and humanize the choices of slave owners destigmatize the controversy.

Time does not heal all wounds in this circumstance, but it has certainly distilled emotions and increased awareness of the ways contemporary slavery can be studied and questioned.

The same concept can be applied to other difficult stories, like the Holocaust.  They are complicated topics, where the choices and stories, although steeped in facts, are still raw with emotions.


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